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A1 Home Care opened and accepted its first client in November of 2011. It was opened by Amy Keller RN BSN and her husband Jason with a strong mission and vision in mind. Amy was then working for a local hospice agency and she began to see a huge need for a home care agency that offered weekend and 24 hour care to clients and families. It was very important for these clients to be able to stay at home and offer them a service that was affordable and available. She began the licensing process with the state of Missouri that took more than a year to complete.
Today A1 Home Care is a leader in the home care industry. It is a trusted agency within the community that has many programs and services to offer the clients and families they serve. A1 Home Care has grown significantly since opening in 2011. It employs/contracts 100+ employees and provides reliable home care services to over 150 clients/consumers. Mission Statement To provide individuals the support and assistance they need to enhance their independence. We will strive to provide excellent care that will build on the strengths of the clients we serve.

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