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  •  Your RN Board Exam fees - Up to $200

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Performs the primary function of a Registered Professional Nurse in assessing, planning, implementing, educating, and evaluating a designated group of patients in accordance with all established Nursing Standards and Hospital Policies. Is responsible for managing all assigned personal supplies, equipment on the unit, and for promoting teamwork with all members of the healthcare team. Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

Principle Accountabilities:

% Of Time Spent

1. Directs all care to team members, students, PCT's, and UA's. 5%
2. Acts as a patient liaison and advocate. 5%
3. Assures proper documentation. 15%

  • Documents assessments.
  • Initiates care plans.

3. Formulates, updates, and revises treatment plans and goals.
4. Participates in discharge planning: 5%

  •  Identifies home educational needs.
  •  Instructs and educates patients to diet, medications, activities, etc.

5. Assures orders are processed as follows: 5%

  •  Checks and signs off orders.
  •  Accepts telephone orders from physicians.
  •  Ensures documentation of advanced directives.

6. Makes initial and continuous patient assessment: 20%

  •  Communicates the interpretation of lab data, EKG’s, etc.
  •  Consults with physician.
  •  Makes patient rounds, using ICARE model.
  •  Manages patient’s in-house transfer through system.
  •  Reviews drug therapy.
  •  Assesses ADL’s
  •  Coordinates administration of treatments between disciplines.

7. Coordinates all aspects of patient care, including planning, intervention, education, and evaluation: 18%

  •  Develops, maintains, and applies age-specific knowledge relevant to the care of the patient population served.
  •  Inserts NG tube.
  •  Initiates TPN, blood, and blood products.
  •  Performs IV insertions, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  •  Performs phlebotomy.
  •  Accesses and flushes ports. (unit specific)
  •  Performs IV push medications and flushes.
  •  Performs staple removal.
  •  Performs drain removal. (unit specific)
  •  Initiates physician orders.
  •  Participates in Code Blue/RRT team response.
  •  Provides patient education.

8. Assists with the insertion and management of central venous catheters (CVC): 2%

  •  Assists with the insertion of a CVC.
  •  Cleanses the CVC hub appropriately prior to specimen collection or medication administration.
  •  Maintains line patency through proper flushing techniques.
  •  Changes sterile dressing.

9. Participates as a team member on the division 5%

  •  Participates in the "Every Patient is My Patient Initiative"
  •  Displays FACES behaviors.
  •  Participates in bedside shift report.
  •  Ensures patient handoff to other disciplines through verbal or written communication.
  •  Interprets Hospital Policy for team members.
  •  Participates as committee chair or member of various nursing or interdisciplinary committee meetings as requested.
  •  Participates in and makes suggestions for HCAHPS improvement initiatives.
  •  Assists in providing adequate staffing.
  •  Participates with Policy development.
  •  May function as a charge nurse, assigning care of patients to caregivers according to hospital policy.

10. Oversees the education of staff and staff development: 5%

  • 1. Develops and educates staff.
  • 2. Orients new employees.
  • 3. Participates in performance monitoring (peer review).

11. Participates in continuing education activities relevant to Nursing Practice. 5%
12. Performs other work duties as assigned. 5%

  •  Essential function of the job.
  •  Non-essential function of the job, can be assigned to another employee.

Total 100%

Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state of Missouri Required.Nursing Diploma or Associates in Nursing Required.

BSN or completion of BSN within 5 years of hire date is required.

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