Patient Care Tech



Patient Care Tech

In order to be eligible you must have one of the following:

C.N.A. Certification;

Current Nursing student with completion of nursing fundamentals course within 90 days of employment;

Previous documented work experience as a PCT, Nurse Assistant, EMT or Surgical Tech within the last 3 years or

Successful completion of an Unlicensed Assistive Personnel program within the last 3 years.

Under the direction and supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse, the Patient Care Technician is responsible for performing non-licensed patient care in accordance with established Nursing Standards and Hospital Policies. Performs duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our mission and values. This position is a non-licensed/certified staff member authorized to transport and/or stock medications to meet specified essential job duties. This includes staff who do not have the authority to prescribe, dispense and/or administer medications.


Principle Accountabilities:% Of Time Spent

  1. Performs general, non-licensed respiratory procedures: 5%
  2. oximetry spot checks
  3. oxygen set-ups, tank exchange
  4. Assist patients with mobility needs: 20%
  5. Transfers
  6. turning and repositioning in bed
  7. maintaining a clean and safe room environment
  8. assisting patient to bathroom
  9. transporting to tests or other hospital locations
  10. Performs other patient care activities to include, but not limited to: 48%
  11. simple skin care
  12. oral hygiene
  13. partial bath
  14. complete bath
  15. shaving
  16. bed making (unoccupied and occupied)
  17. Foley care and emptying and recording output from foley catheters
  18. providing bedpan or urinal as needed i. weigh patients
  19. application and reapplication of SCD's, TED hose, Aqua K pads, cold packs
  20. passing trays, water, juice and snacks
  21. administering ice chips*
  22. feeding patients
  23. assisting with menu pick up/delivery and food cart transfer as needed
  24. applying restraints (bed alarms) as directed
  25. I&O
  26. obtain vital signs (temp, pulse, respirations, blood pressure)
  27. emptying drains and ostomy bags, recording output
  28. changing non sterile dressing changes t. assisting with after death care
  29. pain assessment screening
  30. uretheral catherization
  31. venipuncture
  32. blood sugar monitoring
  33. assisting with observation of suicide patients
  34. Maintains CPR status 1%
  35. Performs 12 Lead ECG 5%
  36. Performs patient care rounds on patients at least every 2 hours. 5%
  37. Performs procedures related to specimen collection, reporting abnormal values to RN 8%.
  38. sputum, urine, stool
  39. Takes inventory of supplies and equipment and restocks as necessary 1%
  40. Responds to STAT/RRT 1%
  41. Transports supplies, mail , labs etc 1%
  42. Performs other work duties as assigned 4%
  43. Transport and/or stock medication. Documents patient information as directed 1% Total 100%


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